Banning Handguns in Hamilton: No Way!

Banning Handguns in Hamilton: No Way!
A few weeks ago, I received this letter asking my position on banning handguns in Hamilton. Here is my response.
Hello Paul
I am writing to find out your position on firearms and in particular “Banning Handguns within the City of Hamilton”.
My husband started Al Simmons Gun Shop Limited in 1969 in this city and next year will mark our 50th anniversary in business.  We have always run a legal business and have been regulated by the Provincial and Federal government for all of the time we have been in business.
I would like offer you  the opportunity to stop into our store and discuss this matter as the banning of handguns would put us out of business or force us to leave the City of Hamilton.
I await your response.
Thank you
Yours truly
Paulette Langlois-Simmons-Manager
Al Simmons –Owner
Al Simmons Gun Shop Ltd.
122 Locke Street South
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4A8
Shooting in Reklaw in the Pineywoods of East Texas
Dear Paulette:
I shall take you up on your offer to visit your store.
Most of my family are all gun owners. I might add that I am also an eager conservationist
I am utterly opposed to any move to ban handguns in Hamilton. Actually, I doubt the city has the power.
Gun ownership, for me, is a matter of morality. Each of us has the right to life. Therefore, we should have the means to defend that life. For many people that would be  a handgun. I support the system in place in some U.S. states like Texas. After passing a course in gun safety, a person 18 years of age or older should be able to obtain a handgun and a concealed carry permit.
I know the 4-block stretch of the Danforth where Faisal Hussein went of his shooting spree. This is personal with me. I have eaten in many of the restaurants there and shopped in many of the shops. A dear friend of mine regularly sits in a Second Cup along that stretch. There is now a bullet hole in her regular seat. [Luckily, she was elsewhere during the shooting rampage.] Had even one shop owner or passerby had a handgun and engaged the gunman, lives might have been saved and many injuries prevented.
Tighter immigration and border control would go a long way toward reducing gun violence in Canada.
As for cities that ban guns, one needs look no further than Chicago which sees daily murderous gun violence. Indeed, it is more dangerous than many places in war-torn Iraq. The sort of evil person who is prepared to kill or maim another over a drug sale or an perceived “dissing” or insult is not likely to be deterred by some local ordinance.
I encourage you to approach all candidates and seek out their views.