Censorship Brigade & Canadian Communist Party Scream About the Spectator Publishing My Opinion Piece

Censorship Brigade & Canadian Communist Party Scream About the Spectator Publishing My Opinion Piece
Wow, the censorship brigade and the Canadian Communist Party (are they still meeting in a phone booth) are furious at the Spectator for giving me the same access to outline my platform as other candidates got. They can’t argue with the platform, so the thought control freaks resort to name calling. https://twitter.com/compartyca…/status/1051178172396523521

Paul Fromm, Hamilton Mayoral candidate

Opinion12:36 PMby Paul Fromm Hamilton Spectator



Paul Fromm – Handout

I am running for Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario. I am a fed up motorist, tired of politicians ignoring us and our problems. I am running as the “Motorist’s Friend”.

In June, I left Hamilton at 2:30 on a sunny afternoon. There was no rain, no ice, no snow, no accidents. I arrived at Warden Ave and Highway 401, in Scarborough at 5:30. Traffic gridlock!

I am sure you each have your own stories of horrific traffic jams, not just once in a while, but really as the new normal.

Gridlock means travel in the Golden Horseshoe is slowly grinding to a halt. It’s not just frustration and frayed nerves. The wear and tear of gridlock, creeping along the 403 or the QEW or the Linc., costs the average commuter hundreds of dollars a year and our economy over $11-billion. Our area has the fourth worst traffic gridlock in the world, just behind Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro.

I want to tackle traffic gridlock, but that means telling truth to power. The federal government has jammed over 2-million immigrants into the Great Toronto Area in the past 20 years. They have starved the area for the billions of dollars needed for roads and infrastructure. Traffic gridlock is another result of mass immigration. This is a national conversation we must have. If they want to pursue such policies, they have to spend the money on infrastructure.

The proposed LRT would be a disaster for motorists. It will all but take out a major thoroughfare. It will damage local businesses and this vanity project just isn’t needed. Bus service along the proposed route is already adequate. The billion dollars earmarked for the LRT should be spent on repairing and improving Hamilton’s deplorable roads and improving bus transportation.

How many times have you seen lanes blocked off by traffic cones, traffic snarled and, when you finally reach the cones, you see no work being done? As Mayor, I would insist that lanes be taken out of commission ONLY when work is actually being done or the road is unpassable, due, say to a hole in the pavement.

You probably saw press reports earlier this summer of homeless Canadians in tents and ramshackle lean-tos along the railway tracks! This is a disgrace! Hamilton’s homeless shelters are jammed up and cannot meet the needs of our own homeless folk. Yet, we are sheltering some of Justin Trudeau’s illegals. I stand for putting Hamiltonians first! I am opposed to Hamilton being a “sanctuary city”. We should not be “sheltering” illegals. We have many poor and homeless here, Our resources should go toward helping them, not the illegals.

I have previous electoral experience and know that politicians must work closely with but also direct the city’s competent staff. I am currently the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression which supports people being punished for the non-violent expression of their views, sadly a growing problem in these politically correct times.

Paul Fromm is a candidate for mayor of Hamilton