Paul Fromm Won’t Sign Pledge of Support for Speqtrum Hamilton’s Homosexual Agenda

Paul Fromm Won’t Sign Pledge of Support for Speqtrum Hamilton’s Homosexual Agenda


A local homosexual lobby group approached me to sign a pledge for a wide range of measures and funding for this group. Here is their request and my response.

Dear Paul Fromm, Candidate for Mayor

We are a team of young queer, trans, and two-spirit youth (2SLGBTQ+) in Hamilton. Through Speqtrum Hamilton, a skill sharing and community building youth organization for our community, we are engaging with candidates this election to ensure our voices are heard.

Attached to this email, we have outlined our hopes and suggestions for your upcoming term, once elected. We would love your vocal support, and invite you to sign this commitment to demonstrate your commitment to Hamilton’s 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

We have attached a PDF and Word documents of this letter; you can sign it electronically or on paper. If you send a signed version back to us by Thursday, October 18, at 12:00pm, we will ensure that your commitment is heard widely throughout Hamilton’s 2SLGBTQ+ and allied communities before election day. Feel free to share your signed letter on social media and your website, and please tag us @speqtrumYHM on twitter and instagram so we can share as well.

If you are not interested in signing, or would like to talk further, please feel free to connect with us, or send a statement with your concerns.

Best of luck with the rest of your campaign,

Speqtrum Civic Action Team

Dear Speqtrum Civic Action Team:

Thank you for your best wishes for my campaign.

I am unable to sign the pledge you sent me. Among other things, I oppose public funding for special interest groups. Raise your own money!

I believe in equal rights for all and special privileges for none.

I criticized the current Mayor’s waste of $25,000 of taxpayers money painting those eyesore rainbow flag crosswalks.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm
Candidate for


Dear 2018 Mayoral Candidate,


Hamilton is home to a large and diverse 2SLGBTQ+ community which continues to grow.


Following the 2014 closure of The Well, Hamilton’s sole 2SLGBTQ+ community organization, our community has been in crisis. Despite this crisis being thoroughly researched and well-documented, there has been no proactive response from the City of Hamilton.


Since 2014, the few strides taken to support our community have been reactive in nature. In 2016, the Trans Protocol was passed as mandated

by an Ontario Human Rights Commission settlement.


After a hateful disruption at Hamilton Pride 2018, the City approved the installation of pride flag crosswalks at two separate locations. Council approved a budget of $25,000 for this project, which is more than has been allocated to support our community over the past two years combined.


Symbolic gestures can be heartening but  fail to address the continuing inequalities faced by the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Crosswalks do little to reduce barriers to health care, housing, education,employment, and other necessities of life.


As a group of young, 2SLGBTQ+ Hamiltonians, we ask for your proactive leadership once elected as mayor. We propose the following actions.


1.Increase accessibility and engagement of City of Hamilton LGBTQ+

Advisory Committee


Our city needs more representative 2SLGBTQ+ voices, and better

community engagement. We propose:


  1. A clear, open, advertised community

call-out for new representatives on the city’s LGBTQ+ advisory committee

in this upcoming term


  1. Add two youth (under 29) representative seats on the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee


  1. Engage community organizations and leaders as ex-officio members of the LGBTQ+ Advisory


  1. Creation and enactment of Inclusion Policies


  1. Introduce policy ensuring inclusive use of city space, including but not limited to city and city-owned event space and advertising space.


  1. Full enactment of the 2016 City of Hamilton Trans Protocol


  1. Funding opportunities for 2SLGBTQ+ organizations. Currently, the City Enrichment Fund will only fund groups for up to 30% of a proposed project.

This is a significant barrier to building capacity in serving and supporting 2SLGBTQ+ focused  organizations in this time of crisis.


  1. we ask that for this upcoming term, the 30% limit be raised for 2SLGBTQ+ organizations applying for the city enrichment fund to jumpstart capacity within our Hamilton community.
  2. If this is not possible under the city’s current granting framework, we ask that council create a small funding pool for 2SLGBTQ+ organizations that may include core funding.


I, ____________________, candidate for Mayor of Hamilton, support Hamilton’s 2SLGBTQ+ communities and commit to exploring the suggestions outlined above.


Hamilton’s 2SLGBTQ+ youth appreciate your support.





Hamilton Civic Action Team